Tiger Tree Service: I Jason Simione, was born and raised here in Hollywood Florida, in fact I went to Hollywood Hills High School, and retired from Hollywood Fire Department. Our Simione Family has lived locally here in Hollywood since the 1950’s.

Growing up my favorite tool was a Hatchet and as I grew up being a Fireman / Paramedic and an Arborist has always been my passion. When I was about six I must of thought I was George Washington, I loved trimming the Black Olives Trees that I climbed and occasionally went a weee bit overboard!!! HAHA. One day my dad said in passing that we were going to cut down a tree in the back yard.  Dad went out on an errand, and two hours upon returning home a 35’ foot Black Olive was laying across our back yard.  He was taken back but at least the job was done.

I was taught the techniques of being an Arborist by Pete Robinson. Pete and I both worked at Hollywood Fire Department and we would cut Trees on our Days off.  Pete would repeatedly say “It is an honor to trim trees, our work is our signature and it will stand before everyone that passes”.  The great honor is helping the tree mature in a healthy state, that will protect not only the Tree, but the Customer as well. Pete and I used this motto with everyone we worked for, we feel the best advertising is by personnel recommendation, and this is what we strived for with each of our customers.